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Sunday, March 31, 2019

How to create a web page - Complete guide

How to create a web page - Complete guide - upgainer.com
How to create a web page is probably the first question posed by every new webmaster. After all, the foundation you use to create your site will determine the flow and growth of your online project. Therefore, it is important to have a solid plan and evaluate all available options. In this guide, we will discuss how to create a web page using: * Content management systems (CMS) * E-commerce programs * Website creator Each path is unique and carries a set of pros and cons. That is why we will try to highlight the most important aspects of creating websites to facilitate the decision-making process. To create a web page you must follow these 5 steps: Step 1: Define the idea for the website Step 2: Register a domain name Step 3: Acquire web hosting Step 4: Choose a platform and build your website Step 5: Publish, grow, monitor, improve Step 1: Define the idea for the website First things first, you have to decide what your website will be about. There are many website ideas that are worth considering, and with the right execution, they have the potential to generate very good money online. Start by deciding the main purpose and functionality you want to have. Some of the most popular types of websites include: 1. Electronic commerce websites. Online stores are one of the most visited types of sites today. With the popularity of dropshipping growing faster and faster, anyone has the opportunity to start an online business in parallel to their main job. You can sell both digital and physical products to large audiences around the world (which would not be so simple with a physical store). 2. Blogs Many successful webmasters began their journey with a simple search in a search engine: how to create a blog. With the possibility of covering a variety of topics, blogs can be either a business (for example, affiliates, reviews, specialized blogs) or a leisure activity (travel, food, music, books). 3. Educational websites Do you have enough experience in a particular skill? Why not create your own digital courses or a membership website? If you are a big fan of a particular hobby or skill, creating an educational website can help you position yourself as an expert in the niche. 4. News websites In this era of online chaos, making a news website is easier than ever. People seek information every day through various sources. If you're interested in publishing innovative stories, creating a web page will make it much easier to convey your message. 5. Online communities The large number of successful online communities is a clear message that the most important thing is to start. Since the creation of large audiences takes a long time, the sooner you start, the better. 6. Portfolio sites. Showing your skills and strengths can greatly improve your presence and visibility online. In addition, online portfolios can give you the advantage in job interviews, contests and business. Once you have a clear goal in mind, choosing the correct website creation and hosting platform will be much easier. Step 2: Register a domain name Before creating a website, you will have to devise a striking name. To obtain a domain name for your site, you must: 1. Think of ideas for potential website names. 2. Find a domain verifier 3. Perform a domain name search. 4. Choose the best option. 5. Complete your order and register the domain. Step 3: Acquire web hosting The next step in the journey of creating your website is to choose a suitable hosting provider. While there are several types of web hosting, the one you need depends on the size of your project. And with the holiday season just around the corner, you can find incredible deals on Black Friday web hosting everywhere. Step 4: Choose a platform and build your web page Here the real work begins. The process of how to create your web page will depend to a large extent on the basis you choose. And the idea you want to execute will also play a role in the final decision. Although in general, the best options are: * Content management systems. Ideal for blogs and websites that publish many articles / content. Some notable examples are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. * Ecommerce scripts It is the perfect solution if you want to have a virtual store, this is the software that will do the job. Some examples are PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce. * Website builders. A simple way to create a web page without having programming knowledge. They contain a drag-and-drop interface with many customization features included! * Websites developed by you. If the web development does not displease you, creating a site programmed by yourself is also a great idea. While it takes more time and effort, you can implement any feature that is crucial to your project. Step 5: Publish, grow, monitor, improve * Know your niche * Implement Google Analytics * Monitor the use of resources * Configure a test environment * Use the HTTPS protocol * Strengthen security * Improve the speed of the website

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