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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The 10 most dangerous places in the world for tourism

Places with high levels of radiation, volcanoes in almost constant activity, inhospitable deserts, icy tundra, environment polluted by emanations of high toxicity; These are some of the most dangerous places on our planet.

Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands - upgainer.com

1.Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands This small and paradisiac island hides a secret: its Environment is highly contaminated by the radiation left by the nuclear tests carried out there by the US, between 1946 and 1958. It has about 6 km2 of surface with white sands and crystalline waters, but it is Forbidden to visit them because of the high risk of getting cancer that this would entail.

Chernobyl, Ukraine - upgainer.com

2.Chernobyl, Ukraine Although it may seem incredible, after discovering that wildlife has repopulated the surrounding area where the nuclear power plant has been leaking for 30 years, a new form of tourism has been created, which has been called "radioactive", where people who obviously have little attachment to their health visit the ruins of the old central. The Environment is still contaminated by the high degree of radiation in the area and the entry strictly prohibited
Desert of Danakil, Ethiopia - upgainer.com

3.Desert of Danakil, Ethiopia This place is known because of its extreme temperatures and its strange landscapes that seem to come from a surrealist painting. In the basin of the volcanoes is the depression of Danakil where the average temperature is 47 ° C and Daloll crater that gives off toxic fumes, so the surrounding environment is uninhabitable, except for a fecrobes that have adapted to extreme conditions.
Grand Canyon, USA - upgainer.com

4.Grand Canyon, USA Being a famous tourist spot, you might think that it is not a dangerous place, but a false step here is a sure death, because the heights are amazing and there is no protection for those who dare to climb their summits In fact, it is the second place where the largest number of suicides in the USA take place.

Island of Queimada Grande, Brazil - upgainer.com

5.Island of Queimada Grande, Brazil The island that is listed as the most dangerous in the world is located on the coasts of the Brazilian state of São Paulo and is considered one of the most important natural serpentariums. It is forbidden to visit it, unless you are a scientist and have a special permit, but it is known of daring tourists who have wanted to see the spectacle of the thousands of Bothrops that inhabit this unusual place. It has an automatic lighthouse, because the lighthouse keepers who watched it died due to the attack of ophidians.
Natron Lake, Tanzania - upgainer.com
  6.Natron Lake, Tanzania It is one of the most picturesque landscapes on Earth, a lake of pink color due to the high concentration of mineral salts dissolved in the water. Not only is it forbidden to get in touch with it, but already in the vicinity the putrid smell of hydrogen sulfide drives away the most daring visitors. Its environment is completely inhospitable and in the vicinity of the place the traces of life have disappeared a long time ago.

Mount Washington, USA - upgainer.com

7.Mount Washington, USA At the top of this mountain is where the strongest winds of the entire planet usually register, with speeds that have exceeded 330 km / h; to this we must add some very low temperatures that reach -40ºC and that it snows steadily during almost every day of the year, so climbing its 1917 meters is a dangerous and "a priori" task that is not very uplifting.
Death Valley, USA - upgainer.com

8.Death Valley, USA His name is more than eloquent. This huge desert has the highest temperatures in the world, which have exceeded 60ºC. It is a practically depopulated place, but some species that manage to survive even if they have to do it in an Environment so inhospitable are never lacking.
Valle de la Muerte, Rusia - upgainer.com

9.Valle de la Muerte, Rusia Russian Siberia also has its own "Valley of Death" which is located on the Kamchatka peninsula very close to the "Valley of the Geysers". The temperatures are extremely cold and the Environment of the whole area is contaminated by the toxic gases that emanate from the earth. There is practically no animal or plant life and the human being is unable to resist even approaching the place, as he immediately suffers from dizziness, fever, vomiting and chills.
Sinabung volcano, Sumatra - upgainer.com

10.Sinabung volcano, Sumatra On this island of the Indonesian archipelago there is a volcano that is not only active, but erupts with astonishing assiduity, filling the surrounding valleys with tons of boiling lava, which sows death in its path. The last record of one of its catastrophic eruptions dates from February of this same year and the ashes and toxic gases reached a height of almost 3000 meters, contaminating the surrounding Environment for several kilometers around.

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