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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

What Are The Benefits of Garlic ?

What Are The Benefits of Garlic ? - upgainer.com

Garlic has many benefits that are not considered to be in a variety of areas. These benefits were built on the way it is taken. It is possible to talk about the benefits of garlic in general, and its benefits if eaten on the stomach. Plants, which is one of the types of plants and two-year-old plant and garlic, and the garlic is a plant spread from the agricultural point of view, it is planted in all regions of the world, and depends on the cultivation of garlic on the vegetative reproduction, and vary methods of eating garlic, where it can eat to garlic By adding it to foods In the form of the correct or correct by giving flavor to the taste, or cooked with food, and dry garlic is more effective than green garlic.


Garlic often derives the names of its various species from the areas where it is grown, such as Chinese garlic, French garlic.

Ingredients of garlic food

Garlic contains an important group of vitamins A, C, B, E, in addition to salts and minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and sodium, and its basic compounds Lenez, Alessin, soft, selenium and scordin.

Benefits of Garlic

The benefits of multiple garlic, including:

*Contains albine, which is anti-cancer and anti-cancer, such as cancer of the colon and stomach, in addition to the compound Alicin multi-benefits and the benefits of reducing the proportion of cholesterol and triglycerides well and maintain the survival of blood liquidity in good condition.
*Let the infected place be exposed when insects are infected or bees are a treatment for that condition.
*It strengthens immunity and protects against intestinal diseases.
*Eating three cloves of garlic on a daily basis heals the cases of leaching.
*An important treatment for periodontal diseases such as persistent vomiting.
*Is an important preventative factor for poliomyelitis.
*Prevention of complications of some diseases that are numb or weak in memory as in diabetes.
*An ideal solution to the problem of hair loss suffered by many, through a mixture of garlic head and various oils (oats oil, watercress oil, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, with the possibility of adding any kind of oil useful for hair). In two tablespoons of each oil with finely chopped garlic we put them on fire until the garlic takes the heat of the oils, then remove the mixture from the fire, and then put it on the hair for eight hours.
*Will give you the ability to get rid of the flu when you drink orange juice or lemon added seven cloves of garlic on the stomach and on a daily basis.
*Treatment of atherosclerosis Put the olive oil in a covered bowl and exposed to the sun for forty days and then thrown by the garlic well checked, and take a tablespoon of it daily on the stomach during forty days.
*Removing the rumen and abdomen when you are drinking garlic helps water on an empty stomach and as mentioned earlier on the saliva, and will help you get rid of excess weight as it will burn fat.

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