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Sunday, March 31, 2019

How to be taller and increase a few centimeters in height ?

Something we can not deny is that, since we are small, we all dream of being a little taller. Unless you measure 2 meters, it has probably crossed your mind to think about what your life would be like if you measured a few centimeters more.

How to be taller and increase a few centimeters in height ? - upgainer.com
Well, although the genes are the main factor of your height, if your parents are very short, do not come down, there are other factors that also influence so much that even shortly after turning 18 you can keep growing a few centimeters.

These are the best tips to increase your height a little and be taller

1. Eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin D Calcium is necessary to strengthen bones and vitamin D helps absorb calcium, therefore both nutrients are essential. Eat lots of cheese, yogurt, fish, milk, vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, tofu, etc. if you want to increase a few centimeters in height. 2. Perform yoga exercises Yoga will help you release the stress and tension accumulated in the muscles that prevents growth and, in addition, stretch the muscles and improve your posture. In this way you can grow a little more. 3. Control the posture Even if you are not doing yoga, maintaining good posture for the rest of the day is essential so that your back stays straight and you gain a few centimeters. 4. Get enough sleep When we are sleeping when we are secreting growth hormone, therefore, we sleep at least 7 or 8 hours each day we help ourselves grow a little more. 5. Include high protein foods in your diet Bone tissue is made up of proteins, therefore it is essential to provide a good daily protein base to the body. Come with high-level foods such as fish, red meat, chicken, cheese, eggs, milk, seeds, etc. 6. Exercise regularly Many people, they live complexed, because they do not have the stature they would like, and that ends up becoming a problem of self-esteem, which leads them to feel inferior, with respect to people with a higher stature. Nowadays, that can change, because there are testimonies from people, who affirm that after months, doing some specific exercises, dedicating a fixed space of time per day to realize them, that can go from 10 or 15 minutes, up to 1 hour, They have managed to grow up to 12 centimeters. If we talk about men enter the stage of puberty, two years later, that women, and their growth extends to 21 years, until that age tend to grow about 25 or 30 centimeters, however, they can continue to grow 3 or 4 centimeters until 23 years old. High impact exercise helps your bones grow, so it is so important to run, jog, dance or play tennis, badminton, basketball, soccer or any type of sport. 7. Maintain a healthy lifestyle You should avoid tobacco, alcohol, drugs, caffeine and steroids so that your body can continue to grow without any problems. 8. Take ashwagandha powder This herb promotes the growth of muscles and bones. Pour two tablespoons of ashwagandha powder into a glass of warm milk and drink it before going to sleep.

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