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Thursday, April 4, 2019

How to Cook Fried Chicken?

How to Cook Fried Chicken

How to Cook Fried Chicken? - upgainer.com

Fried Chicken
The variety of dishes and items that people eat, including fast food, which gained the name of the speed of preparation and eating, and are popular dishes, which is popular for different segments of people, fried chicken and one of them, and characterized by the taste especially if added to the side sauces different, and in this article We will talk about the method of preparation of fried chicken and we will talk about the components of this dish and its contents in detail. The ingredients: * Chicken is cut according to desire, some cut into small pieces and some cut into medium pieces. * A cup of sour lemon juice. * Half a cup of yogurt. * Half cup of vinegar. * A cup of flour. an egg. * Half a tablespoon of chicken spices * Garlic of garlic. * A teaspoon of white pepper. * Corn oil or vegetable oil is used for frying. * Salt, to taste. How to prepare: * It is recommended to remove the chicken before a period of frying from the freezer or refrigerator until it becomes at room temperature, then frying it is not recommended to start to fry because it crumbles in oil and does not produce the desired results. * Wash the chicken with water and clean it with salt. * Crushed garlic. * Place garlic in a deep and appropriate bowl and add yogurt and lemon to it * Move the mixture until it homogenizes. * Add vinegar, spices, white pepper, and salt. * Mix the mixture well. * Place the chicken pieces separately in the mixture and soak them for about five or six hours. * Mix flour and eggs. * Heat the oil on high heat. * Dipping the chicken pieces into flour and eggs and then put in boiling oil. * Leave the pieces on fire for about one-third of an hour until they ripen. * Fried chicken pieces are prepared and served alongside various authorities including garlic or garlic cloves. It is worth mentioning that eating a fried chicken dish would increase the body weight because this dish contains very high amounts of fat, which also affects the human heart disease and increase cholesterol in his blood, so people are advised to eat these dishes moderately and from time to time Tabula You can prepare a dish of tabbouleh next to the fried chicken dish as a kind of appetizers or side dishes: The ingredients: * Parsley. * 2 tablespoons of olive oil. * One medium sized onion. * Four tomatoes. * Three cucumber cucumbers. * Lemon juice. * Salt, to taste. * A few leaves of lettuce. * A little bit of sumac. * Half a cup of bulgur and preferably smooth. * A few leaves of mint. How to prepare: * Bring the parsley and wash well with water. * Wash mint, tomato, cucumber and lettuce well with water. * Pour parsley and mint finely. * Chop the tomato, cucumber, lettuce. * Wash the onion and spread it finely. * Bring a bowl of suitable size and clean and pour lemon juice and a little water and the burger in it, and left for about ten minutes or fifteen minutes. * Bring another bowl and put the tomato, lettuce, cucumber, parsley, minced mint in it and stir all ingredients well. * Add the burgers to the previous vegetables and mix well together. * Add salt, oil and stir ingredients. * The dish is prepared and decorated with a few leaves of fresh, well-washed lettuce.

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