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Thursday, April 4, 2019

How to cook fried rice?

How to cook fried rice

How to cook fried rice? - upgainer.com

There are many recipes based on rice, but in the Asian cuisine is characterized by its unconventional way of cooking, where the method of cooking and other ingredients are different from what we used to in our lives, fried rice is Chinese-style rice fast and easy to prepare and is one of the delicious dishes suitable for eating as a meal Light or fast, and is acceptable to children and adults. Fried rice The ingredients: * 6 medium-sized eggs. * 2 medium carrots (60 g). * 6 large green onion veins (15 g for sweat). * 4 cups of rice. * 8 tablespoons corn oil. * Small spoon of salt. * Half a cup of mushrooms. * Half cup of peas. * 4 tablespoons of soy sauce. How to prepare: * Wash and peel the carrots and cut into small pieces. * Wash the green onion and finely separate it. * Put a portion on the fire and put rice in the amount of a tablespoon of oil, then add water to climb rice. * Half rice after boiling water. * Put the pan on the fire and put the oil and leave a little until it is heated, then add onion and carrots and toss them with oil until the * ingredients mature and become golden color. * Add to the mixture rice, soy, mushrooms and peas and toss with the mixture. * Sprinkle eggs in a bowl and fail. * Add eggs to rice and stir with rice for 5 minutes until cooked. Place the fried rice in the serving dish and serve it hot. Tips: * To avoid cracking rice grains during cooking, reduce the fire after boiling. * To get rid of the smell of onions hanging in your hands, rub them with parsley. * Add half a teaspoon of vinegar to get rid of the egg smell. * To know the age of eggs put the eggs in warm water, if floated on the surface is corrupt and if settled on the bottom is new. * Eggs should be at room temperature so as to mix well, add it to the mixture egg after each other. * To facilitate peeling garlic press it with a knife from the flat side and then remove the crust. * To avoid burning the chili pepper to the hand, add a little oil before cutting. * To avoid the burning of garlic while frying finely sliced thin slices with knife. * Frozen peas can be used.

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