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Sunday, April 7, 2019

How to Cook Oatmeal?

How to Cook Oatmeal

How to Cook Oatmeal? - upgainer.com
Oatmeal is one of the most important herbs in the manufacture of many food foods, as it is a plant of Najila, which is very similar to annuals, such as: wheat, barley. The food that enters the oatmeal has spread in its manufacture largely because of the cheap price, in addition to easy digestion for the enormous food intake that can supply the body, in addition to the entry of oats in the treatment of many diseases that affect humans. Oats are used as a food for animals because of their ability to build muscles strengthened, as its shape, which is similar to salted and barley significantly helps this. Oats are good in flavor, so they are widely used in the manufacture of pastries, baked goods and biscuits. In addition, they are used in salads, soups, sauces, milk and sweets. Some shops sell them in the form of corn flakes, which are added as milk for children.
Oats with milk and nuts
You can eat them as a snack for breakfast or dinner.
The ingredients: * Teaspoon of cinnamon. * Five tablespoons of ground nuts. * Three tablespoons almonds. * Five tablespoons raisins a tablespoon of oatmeal. * A cup of oatmeal. Two cups of liquid milk
How to prepare:
* We bring a medium sized bowl, and put it with milk, sugar and cinnamon and start stirring, and leave on fire until it reaches the boiling point. * Add oatmeal to the previous mixture and stir well. * Leave the mixture on the fire for five minutes, after we feel fresh, spilled into the dishes and decorated with nuts.
Oat soup
The ingredients: * Half a cup of oatmeal. * A glass of water to dissolve the oatmeal. * A cup of chicken broth. * Cut carrot for small size boxes. * A piece of garlic. * Medium onion and chopped. * A piece of tomato cut into small pieces. * Half teaspoon cumin. * Salt spray. * Black Pepper Brush. * Two tablespoons of coriander. * A tablespoon of olive oil. * Tablespoon of corn flour.
How to prepare:
* Put the oil in the pot on the fire, add onion and garlic and toss it slightly in oil. * Add the carrot pieces after the onions have reached the desired color, then add the tomatoes with stirring on the fire until slightly wilted. * * Put the oatmeal after water and add to the previous ingredients in the pot with stirring. * Put chicken broth over the previous mixture and stir, leave it boil for five minutes, then pour it in dishes.
Oatmeal biscuits and raisins
The ingredients: * Cup of sugar. * Two-thirds cup of light brown sugar. * Two fingers of butter. * A teaspoon of soda bicarbonate. * A teaspoon of soft cinnamon. * Half a teaspoon of baking powder. * Half teaspoon salt. * Two eggs. * 1 teaspoon vanilla. * Three glasses of oatmeal. * A cup of flour. * A cup of raisins, crushed nuts, or chocolates.
How to prepare:
* Heat the oven to 170 ° C. * Turn together sugar, brown sugar, butter, margarine, eggs, and vanilla. * Pour the flour well, bicarbonate, cinnamon, baking powder, salt, add oats, and raisins. * Add the flour mixture to the sugar butter mixture and stir until fully mixed. * Take a tablespoon of paste and place it spaced on a tray with butter paper. * Bake biscuits for 10 minutes or until golden. * Let it cool completely before serving.

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