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Friday, April 19, 2019

How to make a perfect homemade lemonade ?

How to make a perfect homemade lemonade

How to make a perfect homemade lemonade ? - upgainer.com

When we think of refreshing drinks, without alcohol, for the summer, probably among the first ones that come to mind will be the lemonade. A good homemade lemonade is a must in summer meals and snacks, at parties and special celebrations or even to take a picnic to the beach or the countryside.

The case is that you have to know how to do it, it's very easy, but like everything there is a series of tricks that help you to get better. If you have tried lemonade several times in different places, you will have found that in some places it does not always taste the same, some of them do better and in rictasblog we want to help you make your lemonade perfect with ten tips.

* If you can, take the lemons directly from the tree. You have to choose lemons of good quality. Not all lemons are the same and if we can not take them from the tree, which would be ideal, we must buy them in a greengrocer of confidence that offers us some of good flavor.

* You have to buy many lemons. Although it seems that there are many sure are not too many, in fact each lemon does not get as much juice as at first glance it may seem.

* Forget about the fridge. The lemons should be kept at room temperature to maintain their flavor, and we will look for ways to cool the lemonade after making it.

* Do not stop making juice, it's still not enough. When squeezing the lemons you have to make a lot of juice, you have to take into account that afterwards you have to strain it and part of the initial volume will be left with the pulp.

* When sweetening sugar is a good option, but not the only one. The granulated sugar is difficult to dissolve in something cold, the sugar glaze will sweeten and you will notice much less. You can also use honey, saccharine or some sweet syrup of your choice.

* Try adding other fruits. Many fruits combine perfectly with the lemon, in particular the strawberries give an excellent touch and a beautiful color to the lemonade.

* Be original when it's time to cool. You can freeze cubed lemonade previously or use frozen fruit to cool.

* Choose a suitable container. If you have made a lemonade with such care, do not spoil it now by placing it in a jar, better with lid to keep its flavor and to make it easier to transport. And already looking for a nice jar especially for her.

* If you are going to serve the lemonade at a party, prepare it and decorate it according to the food you are going to serve or even the style of the party if it is thematic.

* Calculate the amounts well. It would be a pity if not all the guests can taste your delicious lemonade. At least you will need a liter for every four guests and that will only give you one glass, so better to do a little more.

The large and wide glasses are the most suitable to serve the lemonade, you can add a slice of lemon or half strawberry and a leaf of mint or other aromatic herb in the glass. And also put a straw of color, but in the end many people do not use it to drink, the photos you do to upload to the network will be much more beautiful. I hope you liked the tricks, if you also have a special one for lemonade, do not forget to share it in the comments.

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