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Thursday, January 2, 2020

10 keys to turning any idea into a successful project

10 keys to turning any idea into a successful project

10 keys to turning any idea into a successful project - upgainer.com

One of the biggest common mistakes is to see most of the young people who want to start a successful small business want to fund first and foremost, and they think their idea is 100% successful.

The belief of such and similar matters indicates the lack or lack of experience in creating start-up projects; the reason is that they think that their idea is unparalleled, or that it is frequently successful, which means that they will succeed in mere imitation.

Today - God willing - I will correct these concepts, through ten keys through which you can develop the idea and turn it into a successful project.

The first key

Defining business and tasks. In order for any successful small business ideas to become reality, they must contain social sense with commercial sense, with clarity by identifying the steps and tasks that lead to benefiting the project socially and commercially. Remember that the idea alone is of no value as long as it does not contain the above.

The second key

Check the power of the idea and ask more than one person - preferably to ask strangers besides acquaintances -. Your project must meet the market that you want to enter, and to what extent you can compete with other startups in the same sector; all of this to know if your idea is running in parallel with the requirements of clients, or is it a step ahead of them that takes advantage of this opportunity, or is behind them step by step and makes some changes That meets the market needs.

The third key

Sync goals. Try to reconsider and reflect well on long-term goals and estimate their duration, by reviewing your short-term goals. This is the basis for good planning to get project ideas for successful business. Try not to pass this phrase on until it is clearly understood.

The fourth key

Staff or staff? Encourage and help your employees to think of your project as if they are a team and not just employees who get paid for specific business without taking into account the rest of the company, but rather make them appreciate their true value as members of your company.

The fifth key

Rights protection. Protect and manage products, brands, and licenses that allow your company to thrive and protect their rights later.

The sixth key

Highlight the size and amount of the project. If there is an objective measurement of the variables within the project procedures, you can understand the results of the decisions taken, which will then help you to estimate the extent of the project in the future.

The seventh key

Art of Communication. Any business needs to define its own way of communicating in order to achieve a strategic alliance with the consumer. So, look for suitable communication methods between you and your customers, is it through the company's website? Or through social networks? Or email?etc.

The eighth key

Diversity. Firms maintain their presence and stay in the market by continuing research and developing new ideas to turn them into business opportunities.

The ninth key

Should I subscribe? It depends on the company's life cycle because each company has its own financing strategy. As long as you are most prepared for it, your startup can go live.

The tenth key

Re-establishment. The success or failure of the project represents an opportunity to take notes, and identify ten other keys to convert the idea into a successful project or a new product - God willing .

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