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Friday, December 27, 2019

How to avoid diabetes

How to avoid diabetes - upgainer.com


A person gets glucose sugar from food, and the hormone insulin in the body takes over the task of inserting this sugar into the blood cells. Therefore, the body’s inability to produce the hormone insulin or a problem in the cells ’response to secreted insulin causes high blood sugar levels, and this rise may be simple. It is not sufficient to diagnose the person with diabetes, but it is known as the pre-diabetes stage, and the height may be large, so the person with diabetes is diagnosed, and it should be noted that diabetes has two types, the first is the body's inability to produce the hormone insulin While strangling The second type is that the cells are unable to respond to the secreted insulin or the body does not produce enough insulin.

How to avoid diabetes

Although age factors and genetic genetics that increase the risk of developing diabetes cannot reduce its risk, there are many guidelines and tips that can be followed to reduce the risk of suffering from diabetes, including the following:

● Avoid sugars: Several studies have found that eating foods with a high sugar content causes an increased risk of suffering from diabetes, because these sugars cause high blood sugar levels, so the body is forced to produce more insulin, and if the patient suffers from the resistance of his cells to insulin Secreted, the body produces more insulin, and over time the levels of sugar and insulin continue to rise in the blood, until the patient suffers from type II diabetes.

● Exercising regularly: Exercising regularly and continuously increases the response of cells to secreted insulin, and this may reduce the amount of insulin secreted to control blood sugar levels, and this reduces the risk of suffering from diabetes, especially in people with stage infection. Pre-diabetes.

● Drinking water: Caring for water continuously and in most times of the day reduces the need and desire of a person to drink other drinks that may contain a high percentage of sugar or preservatives, and this reduces the risk of developing diabetes, as some studies have found that drinking water It increases the body's ability to control blood sugar levels, as well as cell sensitivity to insulin.

● Achieving a healthy weight: Although there are some diabetics who do not suffer from overweight or obesity, most of the sufferers suffer from this, and it can be said that being overweight at the health limit causes an increased risk of diabetes, especially if it is This increase is caused by the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area, as these cells stimulate inflammation in the body, in addition to stimulating the cells ’resistance to insulin. Sugar in the blood in a salt  too.

● Smoking cessation: Smoking significantly increases the chance of suffering from diabetes. Some studies conducted on a million smokers found that smoking increased the risk of suffering from diabetes by 44%, and by 61% among people who smoked more than 20 sticks of cigarettes. In one day, on the other hand, it was found that quitting smoking reduces the risk of diabetes by 13% after five years have passed since quitting smoking, while the risk decreases to become non-smoking after twenty years have passed since quitting smoking.

● Eating low-carb foods: It has been found that reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the food intake increases the response of cells to secreted insulin, and reduces the proportion of sugar and insulin in the blood, and thus reduces the chance of suffering from diabetes, and it can be explained that foods that are low in carbohydrates do not cause high levels of Sugar in the blood is very much, thus the body needs to produce a little insulin to control the levels of sugar.

● Avoid eating large quantities of food: As eating large quantities of food in one meal causes blood sugar levels to rise dramatically, and thus insulin levels rise dramatically as well, and this increases the risk of suffering from diabetes in people who are prone to disease.

● Eating fiber: Ensuring that all meals contain fiber prevents blood sugar and insulin levels from rising significantly, which reduces the possibility of suffering from diabetes.

● Consuming vitamin D: Ensuring that you consume sufficient amounts of vitamin D either through foods rich in vitamin D, or vitamin D supplements, reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Symptoms of diabetes

There are some symptoms that can appear in people with diabetes, the most important of which can be summarized as follows:

● Frequent urination, especially at night.
● Excessive thirst.
● Feeling more tired and more general than usual.
● Losing weight without planning it.
● Fungal infections or itching appear in the genital area.
● Slow wound healing, i.e. long time need for healing.
● Blindfold.

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